Our Story

Medical Cannabis Consult got their start in 2017, founded by owners who knew firsthand how cannabis could benefit patients with a wide array of medical conditions. Our goals are to create resources to educate both doctors and patients on the health benefits of medical cannabis & to create channels in which MMPR patients can get the prescriptions they need. We are constantly improving and changing to meet the needs of our clients and the laws in Canada.

Our Mission

Driven by the touching stories of those in need of medical cannabis, we’re here to help patients navigate the legal medical cannabis landscape. 

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to serve the MMPR patient community in Montreal and beyond through their highly professional consultative services. We ensure reliable service for all of our customers. We ensure privacy, expediency and discretion and maintain a strict confidentiality agreement for all patient records and information. Our qualified teams are immensely knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly and ready to serve. 

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